How technology is revolutionising the foodservice industry

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How technology is revolutionising the foodservice industry

November 19, 2020 | imagesgroup | Technology

We are at the beginning of the most radical transformation of the foodservice industry. Until now, technological innovations in the industry meant ordering food from an app or paying bill through tablets. But now restaurant owners are upping the ante, taking the game to the next level by experimenting with technology like never before.

From introducing interactive smart tables and virtual bars to replacing servers with robots, restaurateurs are revolutionising the foodservice industry in the best way possible to enhance the overall customer experience.

Interactive Smart Tables

Mumbai-based Drinx Exchange has introduced electronic tech tables, where customers can interact with an electronic screen on the table they’re dining on. From watching live scores of sports, to receiving personalised offers, tracking their orders, paying their bill, and even singing along with the music in the bar, these tech tables will ensure consumers remain engaged through the time they’re in the restaurant. The screen also keeps giving them live offers that are just right for what they drink.

The electronic table also splits the bill among the number of diners on the table and the payment can be settled on the table itself by scanning a Paytm QR Code on the screen

Furthermore, the prices of drinks also fluctuate just like the stock exchange and customers can vote to crash the market price. Apart from this, the table also helps the customers in checking the status of their cab if they book it from Drinx Exchange app.

According to Founders, Drinx Exchange, Rahul Dingra and Dibyendu Bindal, “The bar aims to ease the experience of ordering and makes it less stressful and more exciting for its millennial customers.”

Virtual Bar

The Beer Café has recently introduced ‘URBAR’, a virtual bar which allows patrons to reserve and consume their favourite brands.

One can explore from a wide selection of alco-beverage, pre-pay and stock them in ‘URBar’. The latest ‘wallet for customer’s drinks’ initiative highlights the brand’s vision to redefine the alco-beverage space through technology differentiation and further strengthen its position as a pioneer.

The patrons can log in to The Beer Café’s mobile app, and click on the URBar icon, reserve in the form of bottle (for spirits), keg (for draught beer), or case (for bottled beer) and start consuming.

This not only gives patrons the privilege to buy their favourite brands at a special price but also benefits in the form of one price across the nation. A consumer can choose any portion he/she wishes to consume at any Beer Café outlet spread across 12 cities and save the rest for their next outing. The bottle/ keg purchased stands as a prepaid instrument and stock diminishes as the consumer opts to consume.

There are multiple convenient ways of recharging the account. Customers can use an ‘online’ mobile wallet to add balance to their brew bucks – which is The Beer Café’s own currency. Or ‘pay at store’ by just walking into the closest The Beer Café outlet and the brew crew will be happy to assist the customers.

What’s more, it also gives patrons the option to spread the cheer around by gifting customisable amounts of their reserved stock to friends, family and colleagues.

Rahul Singh, Founder & CEO, The Beer Café says, “At The Beer Café, we believe that social drinking should first and foremost be about the experience. Our focus is to improve customer’s real world experience, their choices of brand and location. With the URBar feature, we are giving the users a chance to experience our differentiated proposition in the virtual realm. It is a delightful addition to the existing feature on The Beer Café mobile app. With this initiative we have raised the bar – quite literally!”

Futuristic Robot

Travel Food Services (TFS), travel food and retail company, unveils the latest in technology – Mitri, the robot, to make the experience of travellers interactive and fun.

Mitri will be engaging with customers at TFS’s Dilli Streat outlet at Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, and is the first ever airport installation in the F&B segment.

Visitors to the Dilli Streat outlet will be met and greeted by Mitri, who will facilitate activities and engage with them by providing menu detail. It would also be offering food recommendations. Mitri is a testament to Travel Food Service’s commitment of enhancing the travel experience in India, and presents a true example of how technology like Artificial Intelligence can help improve customer satisfaction, and drive productivity and sales.

Commenting on the latest technology, Gaurav Dewan, COO and Business Head, Travel Food Services said, “We are always on the lookout for latest innovative technologies that can enhance the experience and satisfaction of our customers. We are extremely excited to present Mitri at our Dilli Streat outlet at the Delhi Airport. With Mitri being such an innovative and futuristic concept, and given her success, we are hopeful to bringing her to more outlets across India.”

Robots Replacing Servers

At a restaurant in Alibaba Group Holding Ltd’s futuristic ‘FlyZoo’ hotel, tall capsule-shaped robots deliver food that guests have ordered via the FlyZoo app. Meanwhile, at a separate bar, a large robotic arm can mix more than 20 different types of cocktails.