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India Food Forum is proud to announce the ‘Feed the Daily Wager’ initiative in association with Zomato Feeding India — a not-for-profit organisation which is a part of India’s leading food delivery platform Zomato’s CSR Foundation.

The project aims to help India’s migrant/ daily wagers have access to a reliable supply of meals in the absence of immediate employment opportunities.

As the world continues to reel under an unprecedented humanitarian and health crisis, we are acting to alleviate sufferings of the especially vulnerable sections of Indian communities, namely the millions of daily wage workers across the country. A majority of India’s daily wage earners do not have the backing of a steady monthly income or  an official channel to receive aid in any form. This inevitably puts their households under immense strain to meet essential food requirements of the family, young ones included. Faced with little choice, over the past few weeks, they have put themselves under immense hardships to move back to their towns and villages.

As responsible citizens of our country with the means to help, we must come together as a community to ensure no one sleeps hungry. But, this widespread aid program cannot be implemented in full without your participation and generosity in these difficult times. We urge for your involvement in the preparation of standardized Food Supply Kits to support families with enough essentials to last a week.

Delivering Food Supply Kits
Once the kits are delivered to a hub location within the city, they are picked by local NGO partners for further distribution. The volunteers are trained about hygiene and safety requirements and will carry all necessary safety equipment (masks, gloves, sanitizers) at the time of distribution.

Last Mile Distribution
Once the food kits reach the hub locations, partner NGOs help ensure responsible distribution of these kits while adhering to social distancing guidelines. NGOs also share pictures of food kit distribution along with beneficiary details to ensure 100% transparency. Zomato Feeding India has distributed over 5 lakh kits across 66 cities so far. The goal is to be able to assist a total of 10 lakh families with these kits.

What we need
India Food Forum and Zomato Feeding India aim to support one million needy families through this programme. Through this communique, we request you to play a role in the ‘Feed the Daily Wager’ initiative through a contribution of your products.

How can you help?
You can contribute Rice/ Flour/ Pulses/ edibles to help us make these food kits as a part of your CSR. You may prepare a hygienically-packed Food Supply Kit containing a combination of key essentials, with a request to ensure that the minimum value of the products be INR 30,000.

Next steps

Please reach out to Lokesh Arora (+91-9999033612) via SMS/ WhatsApp to participate in this initiative. An India Food forum representative will contact you soon after to gather details on collection points and share the same with the Zomato Feeding India team. Zomato Feeding India representatives will thereafter reach you to collect your Kits.

We look forward to your involvement in this important industry-wide initiative.


Lokesh Arora


India Food Forum