7th – 8th December 2022





Snapshot of Online Behavior of consumers of the largest e Grocer in the country with operations in 60+ cities

By Kishore Kumar

Head – Intelligence and bb accelerate




Brand manufacturers help retailers drive a range of products and partnership between retailers-brands and how can such relationships bring benefits that meet the needs of the largest groups of customers while the latter help to showcase the brands’ strengths via their products on the shop shelf. How important it is to create a unique dynamism for customers on the retail shelf by way of innovation, price, promotions, and quality competition?


Discussion to cover Key Categories: 

# Staples  # Processed Food, Savories, Beverages & Confectionery  # Frozen & Ready to Eat # Meat, Fish & Live Stocks  # Multicultural / Gourmet and Global Foods # Grocery – Non Food




Abhijeet Patole, National Category Manager  Int. F&B, Food Hall

Abhinav Garg, GM – F&B, The New Shop

Anil Kankariya, Founder, Navjeevan Plus

Azim Mohammad, MD, Metto Supermarket

Bhagirath Jalan, Owner, Jalan’s Retail

C Gopalakrishnan, Founder & MD, N Supermarkets

Dayanand Naykodi, Purchase Head, R K Bazar

Gautam M Kaissare, GM – FMCG, Stales & Dry Fruits, Food Hall

Kirit Maganlal, Founder & CEO, Magsons Group, Goa

M. Barathraj, Director – Business Development, Kaveri Supermarket, Tiruchirappalli

Mohit K Jain, Director, Goodwill Supermarket

Muralidhar Rao, MD, Modern Stores – Moddy’s

Musthafa Vazhat, MD, Daymart Group

Nadeem Jafri, Founder & Chief Mentor, Hearty Mart, Ahmedabad

Nikunj Vora, Founder & CEO, Mapro Foods

Nilesh (Rohit) Manohar Bhojwani, Jaylaxmi Supermarkets, Shirpur

Prrasana Shah, Chief Merchandising Officer, Reliance Retail (JioMart, Reliance Fresh, Reliance SMART Superstores & SMART Point)

Rajesh Agarwal, CFO, Ghanshyam Supermarkets

Rajesh Francis, MD, MagSon Retail & Distribution, Gujarat

Seema Modi, Director- Product, Packaged Foods, Trent Hypermarket

Sravankumar Reddy, GM, Q-Mart, Hyderabad

Vidisha Chandra Tikku, Head – Marketing & Digital, Le Marche


Aanchal Gambhir, Director, BLG International Hing

Aditya Mittal, Sr Asso. Director, Head Modern Trade, Kellogg

Aditya P Tripathi, Founder, Cold Love Ice Cream 

Amitabbh Singh, Sr VP , Patanjali Ayurveda

Dr. Rupali Ambegaonkar, CEO, Tea Culture of the World

Gaurav Gambhir, MD, Shubh Foods

Rahul Khandelwal , Asso. VP – Organised Trade, Godrej Consumer Products

Sandeep Ghosh, Business Head – DS Group (DS Spices – Catch)

Saptarshi Lahiry, Director-Trade Sales, Abbott Nutrition International – India

Shaishav Mittal, Founder & CEO, Lovely Bake Studio

Siddartha Juneja, Head – Omni Channel, Mondelez

Siddharth Mishra, Founder, Karnival (Tech)

Sudeep Goenka, Director, Goldiee Group

Shailee Chatrath Tyagi, Director – Organised Trade Sales, Pepsico



Vallabh Saudagar, SVP & Group Business Head (FMCG & DBFE) Reliance Retail

Kabir Gossain, GM – Customer and Shopper Marketing, Unilever

10:50 – 11:00 Keynote

Keynote – Vinay Bhartia, Country Manager – India, MessageBird

Panel Discussion: The D2C Way – The Evolving Market-space, Opportunities & Challenges

The D2C market in India is expected to grow to $22 billion by FY25, presenting a huge opportunity for Indian entrepreneurs to capitalize on, to generate opportunities and wealth. Entrepreneurs reveal how they look at the D2C evolving ecosystem, the funding landscape, the growth opportunities and challenges to look out for.


  •     ★ Health, wellness & nutrition
  •     ★ Plant based, value-added, organic, vegan, etc

Panel Discussion: Creating a win-win dynamic for a more productive and transparent Retailer-Brand relationship

Brand manufacturers help retailers drive a range of products that meet the needs of the largest groups of customers while the latter help to showcase the brands’ strengths via their products on the shop shelf. How important it is to create a unique dynamism and partnership between retailers-brands and how can such relationships bring benefits for customers on the retail shelf by way of innovation, price, promotions, and quality competition?

Panel Discussion: The profitability matrix for food retail

Inflation is eroding our purchasing power, so how do FMCG brands and retailers maintain their value proposition during an inflationary period? What tactics will help them protect their margins and stay competitive? And how can they increase shopper loyalty with marketing initiatives that show shoppers you're on their side as prices rise? Can enhanced private label focus ensure healthier bottomlines in the long run? What are the essential metrics, processes and practices that create a culture of profitability for a food retailer?

Panel Discussion: Smart Retail and the Sustainability Focus

Do brands and retailers now look at sustainability – once considered a fleeting consumer trend – as a strategic priority? What are the challenges and opportunities related to integrating sustainability into business strategy and operations? How can retail stakeholders align their business strategies with the values of their customers to drive growth, now that customers are voting with their wallets?

Panel Discussion: Envisioning Supermarkets of the Future

How will consumers interact with stores (physical, virtual, hybrid) in the future? How can stores create appealing themes and events that appeal to the Millennials and Gen Z, a group undeniably “obsessed with experiences over products” and engage with shoppers through the right strategies and by driving shopper engagement all along the path to purchase across different formats?

Panel Discussion: The supermarkets of Bharat

Not only are regional and independent retailers helping to build reliable local retail ecosystems in small-town India, their initiative also stands out for its potential to generate local employment opportunities, create space for local companies to exhibit their products, and promote local entrepreneurship. Some remarkable success stories from small-town India.

Research Presentation:

Indian Food & Grocery Retail Market: Macro Trends & Directions

INAUGURAL SESSION: Catering to the Omnichannel Diner

Food retailing has transformed from what it was in the Pre-Covid Era. How are retailers looking to scale, evolve and address the new challenges in building profitable business models fit for the new consumer landscape? What boxes do they need to tick to achieve retailing excellence? This session also studies the emerging business models in grocery and CPG: The next generation of grocery retail has taken off in India with a slew of new entrants selling food and consumables out of hyper-local pick rooms/ dark stores. These new grocery delivery models change consumers’ expectations of convenience and speed, causing all players in a market to respond.

Panel Discussion: The confident traditional food service star V/S the global cuisine propagator

There is now an assertive breed of indigenous QSRs that have come of age in India. They have the chops to create scale, deliver experience and take on global giants with longer legacies. How different are the propositions offered by the two sets? And what about the fusion models that aim to make the best of ‘glocal’ menus and experiences?

Panel Discussion: QSRs & Cloud Kitchens – The Plug-and-play model

Cloud Kitchens are enabling low-cost scale for national and local QSRs, and for fast-track fast food chains, the model makes a lot of sense. But are cloud kitchens themselves scalable? What is the future of cloud kitchens as the base infrastructure for quick service restaurants in India?

Panel Discussion: Seamless CX for channel-agnostic customers

Customers often switch between offline/ online channels for favourite/ discovery restaurants. How do restaurants ensure seamless, exact experiences across channels? 

Panel Discussion: Phone Eats First – Serving up socially marketable experiences

Social media is a double-edged sword, which rewards brands with adulation and traffic when the going’s good, but is also hyper-sensitive to criticism. How can foodservice brands leverage social marketing in the most optimal ways to deliver ‘Instagrammable’ experiences – critical for a country with 65% of its population made up of millennials and Gen Zs. We find out from some foodservice brands who’re emphatically nailing the social media dynamic.

Panel Discussion: Emerging Food Service Destinations – Off the Beaten Track  

India remains a highly underserved market when it comes to modern food service options. As large-scale infrastructure develops across the country, transit locations such as highways, metro stations, railway/ bus stations will offer huge opportunities for food service operators.

Panel Discussion: Destination Automation – The Intelligent Restaurant Prototype

Evolution of “smart restaurants” is catapulting dining experiences into the next generation. Exploring the biggest trends defining the prototype for the ‘restaurant of the future’

Panel Discussion: The Policy Brief — Promise v/s Reality

Food service companies have for long been advocating for industry status, given their significant contribution to the Indian economy. What are the bottlenecks, and how can the sector come together to effect this graduation?

India Food Forum Grand Finale – SWAYAMVAR

Food – retail and food service – is a major anchor for shopping centres in India. They draw in voluminous traffic, deliver culinary experiences and lift up any mall’s shopper experience. India’s leading national and regional food retailers and foodservice operators come face to face in a powerfully engaging ‘matchmaking’ meet to find their best destination partners.